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Currently a maximum of 100 people are allowed to attend church. However, the guidelines in connection with the opening of Churches for prayer & Masses still apply. Please comply with the following:

  1. Record your name, address, phone number and email in the book provided in the foyer as you enter the Church (this is a government requirement for contacting people in case of a Corona cluster).
  2. Keep physical distance1,5 metre space around each person, with the exception of people from the same household. ONLY sitting in the places marked on the pews with a red cross.
  3. Use hand sanitiser when entering and leaving the Church.
  4. Avoid touching statues or other fixtures in the Church.
  5. Practice good hygiene, eg. covering your coughs, avoid touching your face.
  6. You are strongly encouraged to Wear a MASK when you attend a religious service.

Please look for medical assistance:

  • If you have cold or flu-like symptoms
  • If you have a fever (37.5°C/higher) or recent history of fever (night sweats, chills) or respiratory symptoms – cough, shortness of breath (difficulty breathing), sore throat, loss of smell or loss of taste – even mild. Other reported symptoms of COVID-19 include fatigue, runny nose, muscle pain, joint pain, diarrhoea, nausea/vomiting and loss of appetite.
  • In the past 2 weeks been in contact with someone COVID-19 positive or visited a COVID-19 ‘hot spot’

Fortunately also, we have been able to provide a video link from the Church to the Parish hall, so we are able to seat more parishioners in the hall for Mass. At the time of Communion, an Acolyte will come to the hall to distribute Communion.

Frequently Asked Questions on COVID-19

Any questions around COVID-19 and its impact on sacraments such as weddings, baptisms and funerals, you may find the FAQs page on the Archdiocese of Sydney website: https://www.sydneycatholic.org/coronavirus-frequently-asked-questions/

If you have particular needs, please contact the parish on 9349 1198 or holy.family@bigpond.com.

Live Streaming daily Masses are  available at St Mary’s Cathedral Sydney’s website link: https://www.stmaryscathedral.org.au/

Safeguarding and Ministerial Integrity Office

The focus of the Safeguarding Office is the prevention of abuse and harm to children, young people and the vulnerable within our Archdiocese. If you or a person close to you has been abused by someone working or ministering within the Archdiocese of Sydney, we invite you to contact us. We will listen to you respectfully, offer support and discuss the options you have available to you. Please contact the Safeguarding and Ministerial Integrity Office on (02) 9390 5812 or safeguardingenquiries@sydneycatholic.org

You may also want to speak to our Parish Priest, Fr John Hayes who will be able to provide support and guidance. The Archdiocese has a legal obligation to report crimes to the  police.

WWCC RenewalUpdating Personal Details

Please advise parish office via email whenever you update or renew your WWCC number including any contact details e.g. name, phone number, address changes, within three months. Penalties will apply for people who don’t update. And, it is required by the Archdiocese, that only those who have current Working with Children Check Number will be able to serve in the Ministry.