PLEASE BEWARE of any emails asking you to pay money or click on links to external information (phishing scams). It is quite possible to extract personal information from you including bank account details. To help defend yourself against these scams, make sure you select long and deeply personal passwords for your email accounts which are difficult to copy.

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Dear Parishioners…

As part of the Government Requirement to help keep our community safe,

please comply with the following:

  1. DOWNLOAD the SERVICE NSW APP onto your mobile phone and SCAN it at the ‘QR CODE’ provided at the entrance – HOLY FAMILY PARISH is registered as a COVID-19 SAFE Organisation on NSW Government COVID-19 website.
  2. Or RECORD your name, address, phone number and email in the book provided in the foyer as you enter the Church.
  3. Keep PHYSICAL DISTANCE1.5 metre space around each person, with the exception of people from the same household.
  4. Use hand sanitiser when entering and leaving the Church.
  5. Avoid touching statues or other fixtures in the Church.
  6. Practice good hygiene, eg. covering your coughs, avoid touching your face.
  7. It is MANDATORY to Wear A MASK when you attend a religious service or visiting a church space.

Please look for medical assistance:

  • If you have any cold or flu-like symptoms
  • If you have had any association with locations classified by NSW Health for action within 14 days.

Fortunately also, we have been able to provide a video link from the Church to the Parish hall, so we are able to seat more parishioners in the hall for Mass. At the time of Communion, an Acolyte will come to the hall to distribute Communion.

Please see our bulletins for more NEWS and MASS TIMES.

ONLINE DONATIONS for Holy Family Parish are now available – Please click on the DONATE NOW tab at the top of the page for a BPOINT Secure Payment Service.

Thank you for your donations and support.